unit 1 navigation

sap system are client systems. the client concept enables the parallel operation, in one system, of several enterprises that are independent of each other in business terms,

a client is, in organizational terms, an independent unit ib the system.

navigation tree, in sap easy access you can create a favorites list contaning

  • transactions
  • files
  • web adresses

other possible entries

  • /n – ends the current transactions
  • /o opens a new session
  • /ic- ends the current session
  • /oxxx – where xxxx is a transaction code takes you to the specified transaction

left end of status bar: error and other system messages display here

right end of the status bar: systems information display here. choose this field to display the following system information

  • system
  • client
  • user
  • progam
  • transaction
  • response time

second status field: this fields tells you what server you are connected to

third status fields: this fields displays data entry mode



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