Kuis 4

  1. 3 struktur sap hr: enterprise structure, personal structure, organizational structure. Enterprise structure: client, person area, personal sub area, company code. personal structure: employee group: eksternal, active, pensioner. Employee sub group: trainee, salaried employee, non pay scale  earlier. organizational structure: job, position, person, organization
  2. Managament organizational➡applicant data➡personel managament➡personel develoment➡training and event management➡time management➡appracials➡payroll➡personal cost plan
  3. job: sebuah pekerjaan atau kewajiban yg dimiliki seseorang. Position: jabatan pekerjaan seseorang dalam sebuah perusahaan. Person: seseorang yg memiliki pekerjaan atau jabatan
  4. informasi log in: client, username, password
  5. sap: system application product in data processing

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